What Makes our Live Courses Different and Exactly What You Need?

What Makes our Live Courses Different and Exactly What You Need?

The only live 3-day FNP review course in the country!

Don’t Miss Out – There’s nothing like our unparalleled Live Courses!

With over 20 years of success, Barkley & Associates, Inc. knows that the most effective way to prepare for national certification or truly retain the most up-to-date knowledge for continuing education is to attend a Live Certification Review/Clinical Update Course (not Zoom or On Demand)!

While the pandemic introduced and made it convenient to stay at home and choose online options for board certification preparation and continuing education, evidence-based research has clearly shown that learners are often not 100% engaged during Zoom or On Demand classes.

Both of these platforms require incredible self-discipline, time management, and a constant commitment to staying focused. Daily distractions at home such as phone calls, childcare, and other interruptions easily detract from the all-encompassing, engaging live classroom environment for learning.

In the end, today’s newest NP graduates are simply not socialized to the vast advantages, as well as educational and personal benefits of attending Live Courses.

Just like an immersion weekend or intensive on-campus experiences, our Live Certification Review/Clinical Update Courses are second-to-none!

Make a commitment to yourself and your future career by investing the time and cost necessary for a Live Course. Remember, some expenses may be tax deductible!

With the ongoing success of thousands of NP students each year, note the outstanding features of our live courses:

  • Courses are specially designed with you in mind. We’ll assist you in organizing a large body of information and help you identify specific learning needs. After our course, your time can be efficiently spent focusing on areas needing remediation.
  • Exclusive practice questions – not found anywhere else – incorporated in each chapter using our popular interactive Audience Response System
  • The most current, comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum to prepare for national certification or update knowledge for re-certification
  • All sessions taught by outstanding, nationally certified NP faculty

Here’s some what Barkley & Associates’ Live Course attendees report in their evaluations, over and over again:

  • Super engaging!
  • Faculty made the content interesting with examples from their practice!
  • Kept my attention all day long!
  • Far exceeded my expectations!
  • Tons of valuable tips and information to take home for my boards and future practice!
  • By far, increased my confidence!
  • Concise, no wasting of time, and well organized – nothing felt unimportant!
  • Loved making decisions with all of the practice questions and faculty feedback!
  • Worth every penny!
  • So glad I chose a live class! Thank you!

Take the simple steps today to attend one of our Live
Certification Review/Clinical Update Courses soon,
and we promise that you’ll have Exactly What You Need (and More)!