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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Faculty

Add Barkley & Associates to enhance your PMHNP program!

We offer the most effective and comprehensive nurse practitioner continuing education tools to support your many roles as faculty, while enhancing your curriculum. Our goal is to optimize your time and your students’ productivity -- we do all the work for you! Our Faculty Resources help supplement your curriculum and track your students throughout the year, giving them a head start on preparation for their certification exam. Please see below for a comprehensive list of our Faculty Resources.

Let us do all the work for you and set up a FREE practice exam for your students!
DRTs are 100-question online NP exams, offered in a pre-test/post-test format at the beginning and end of students’ last semester of study. DRTs feature extensive rationales and illustrative graphs. Comprehensive score reports assist faculty and students pinpoint areas of strengths and weakness to remediate accordingly. DRTs are a great way to assist your program while helping your students prepare for any of the national nurse practitioner certification exams.

Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology,
and Advanced Physical Assessment:

Designed specifically for first year NP students; to be administered at the end of the last “P” course of their first year. A great way to assess the overall comprehension of the required 3Ps content!

Help your students master the PMHNP course material!

Video-based modules, divided by systems and topics related to your program’s specialty, help you monitor your students’ progress and NP comprehension. MMPs are a great way to brush up on subject areas where your students need additional focus, as identified by our DRTs.

Bundle Barkley CE Courses to compliment your lectures and seminars!

PMHNP Online CE offerings are a great addition to your PMHNP program.

Our Online CE offerings add a dynamic component to your curriculum complete with 1-4 Contact Hours of Pharmacology and PowerPoint handouts.

Let us boost your pharm course with our 45-hour online course, designed to meet the required advanced pharmacology for all NP students.

This comprehensive course is divided into various subcomponents and features three 50-item exams. This course can also be used in the second year to supplement system specific courses.

One faculty member from each university receives a FREE Live Course each year.

Offering our unparalleled Live Certification Review/Clinical Updates in numerous cities throughout the country each year!

Surpassing ALL other companies, our national NP certification first-time PASS rate from ALL Live Course attendees is > 99%!

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