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CE Certificate Reissue


This product is for purchase of a replacement Continuing Education (CE) Certificate from a previous Barkley & Associates’ CE activity. Activities may include attendance and successful completion of an Online Streaming Course, Live Course, Conference, CE Store Offering, or a previous Diagnostic Readiness Test (DRT).

Please allow 2 business days for verification and processing. A PDF copy of your CE Certificate will then be emailed to you.

Terms: CE Certificates

When registering for a Live Course, please make sure all of your information is correct, including the spelling of your name. If there are any errors, we must be notified immediately. The name entered  on your account will be reflected on your certificate.

All Live course attendees must complete their online evaluations within one week of the last day of the course to receive their CE certificate. Failure to submit the evaluation on time to receive a CE certificate will result in a $30 administrative fee.

Lost CE certificates will be reissued for an administrative fee of $30. Once a CE certificate replacement has been purchased, no refunds are allowed.

Advanced Procedures Workshops require a certificate reissue fee for each certificate needed. For example; if a certificate is needed for four Advanced Procedures Workshops in the same city, then four certificate reissues are required.

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