Mechanical Ventilators

Have you ever looked at a ventilator and thought, “What else could I know to help this patient?” Mechanical ventilation is an essential life support tool for any critically ill patient experiencing respiratory failure.

Designed for both intensivists and non-intensivists, this boot camp will provide practitioners the ability to understand the “how, why, and what else” of mechanical ventilation. Beginning with respiratory mechanics and a comprehensive examination of the essentials, the boot camp will address issues regarding chosen modes, patient waveforms, and the practitioner’s ordered settings.

Select patients, such as those with underlying obstructive or restrictive lung disease, complicate ventilator regulation. Identification and management of various mechanical ventilation clinical challenges such as these will be covered to enhance the practitioner’s decision-making ability in ventilator management. Culminating with case studies to further challenge the practitioner, discussion will also include weaning techniques and issues related to extubation.