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The Online Streaming Course includes the following:

  • A 100-item Pre-Course Diagnostic Readiness Test (DRT #1)

  • Our most up-to-date 3-Day Course featuring Voice Over PowerPoint Presentation Lectures by outstanding faculty on the same day as your live course was scheduled.

Traditional Run Times for Planning:
    • Day 1: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Day 1 material will be available to stream the entire day)
    • Day 2: 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Day 2 material will be available to stream the entire day)
    • Day 3: All Day (Review Day! - Go back and stream any chapters you wish to review one more time, as needed. Your complete, full playlist of videos from the Online Streaming Course will be available the entire day!)

  • To stimulate critical thinking, dynamic Practice Questions are dispersed throughout the two days of lectures. These questions are created just for the Online Streaming Course and are not available anywhere else!

  • Our latest comprehensive 2020 Course Manual (over 250 pages) mailed to the shipping address indicated on your order (The PMHNP manual is currently under revision and will be available for shipment on Monday, August 17, 2020.)

  • Post-Course Online Streaming Videos (OSVs)

What Makes our Online Streaming Course
Even Better than a Live Streaming Course?

  • Structure: Our Online Streaming Courses feature a highly structured series of online lectures designed to help you prepare for national certification or to provide the most up-to-date continuing education. Based on Dr. Barkley’s many years of NP teaching experience, we strongly believe that offering the course in this focused manner will allow you to engage in a way that will lead to a maximal learning experience.
  • Schedule: Our regimented, intensive classroom day approach lays out a schedule of days to help you get the most out of your course. As opposed to live streaming courses, by presenting the material to you within scheduled course dates, we require that you set aside focused time - with no distractions - to review and teach you the content you need to pass your national certification exam or be educated for additional continuing education needs. Focus and continuity of attention are critical to your ability to comprehend and absorb the material.
  • Dynamic Practice Questions: To stimulate critical thinking, unique practice questions are dispersed throughout the entire course. These questions were tailored by expert faculty specifically for the Online Streaming Course. These are not available anywhere else - not for purchase, not in any test bank, and are only available for our Online Streaming Course customers.
  • Just the Essentials: The most important topics, concepts, and national guidelines are covered with the latest up-to-date material available. By distilling the essential information down for you, there is minimal “homework” after the course. We specialize in organizing a large body of knowledge to maximize comprehension and mastery of the material – which is key to your attaining national certification! We successfully assist thousands of students every year in passing national certification exams. You simply do not need an excessive number of contact hour credits to be successful!
  • Stellar Audiovisuals: Our Online Streaming Course includes comprehensive PowerPoint slides combined with audio recordings of our experienced faculty. Rather than a course with live faculty lecturers, these presentations have been refined and edited to guarantee high-quality, relevant content across the board. They also provide a consistent experience for every student who takes the course -- ensuring that no key content is omitted. Please note that there is no evidence in refereed literature that a live streamed course is any more successful at student learning outcomes than an online streamed course. Meaning, physically seeing a lecturer in the corner of recorded video does not objectively equate to improved success on national certification exams!
  • Extra Review Day! To ensure that students are able to properly focus their studies, we provide a full extra day to review any of the videos included in the Online Streaming Course. The complete playlist of videos from the Online Streaming Course will be available for the entire extra day. Our Review Day gives you the ability to revisit any material on your own schedule, giving you control over your course experience. These features are not available for ANY live course!
  • Extra Content: Each Online Streaming Course comes with supplemental materials to enhance your practice. These supplemental materials are available for 90 days following the course and can be viewed as often as you need.
  • Superior Academic Experience: Barkley & Associates is the only Nurse Practitioner continuing education company owned and operated by an educator with 26 years of full-time faculty experience who worked through academic ranks from Instructor to full Professor. Today, Dr. Barkley is Professor Emeritus of Nursing at the Patricia A. Chin School of Nursing, California State University, Los Angeles. In addition, he has presented international continuing education and certification review courses for nurse practitioners for over 22 years.
    Bringing unparalleled value to the content in our courses, Dr. Barkley has held numerous university leadership positions including Coordinator of the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program, Director of Nurse Practitioner Programs, Director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, and Director of the Graduate Programs. Obtaining a PhD in Nursing with subspecialties in Nursing Education and Nursing Education Administration, Dr. Barkley is by far the most uniquely qualified educator to design, coordinate, and deliver outstanding certification review/clinical update and continuing education courses for nurse practitioners.

What Attendees Are Saying

”How the information was provided to the attendees through the lectures”

“ The course material is well organized and the instructor did a good job to explain in simple terms for my understanding”

“ Very informative with experiences from seasoned professional”

“ The instructor stories incorporated to link the information together”

“ The presenter made it easy to understand and pay attention.”

“ The condensed material into one booklet so I know exactly how to study”

“ The delivery of information”

“ Content Presentation was excellent”

“ I like the laid back approach of the person lecturing.”

“ I found the review really helpful”

“ Thorough but stated in simple terms with examples; highlighted heavy hit test areas; excellent syllabus book”

“ Well organized, information was clear and will be easy to review”

“ The content and course materials are excellent and the presenter was excellent”

“ It was organized and the instructor was entertaining and knowledgeable”

“ The various explanations and examples given during the review.”

“ The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, made the content interesting, i enjoyed her professional anecdotes”

“ The faculty members sense of humor and excellent presentation.”

“ The organization of material and the presenter.”

“ The presenter was very easy to understand and fun”

“ The presenter is really knowledgeable. She stay focus on the material”

“ The book that came with the course is extremely helpful and has all of the material I need to study in one place. I don't have to look up answers, I have all the information at my fingertips”

“ Detail explainanation of the course and exam strategies”

“ Very organized, covered a lot of relevant information”

“ Learned so much!”

“ It was very organized and went directly with the book.”

“ The faculty covered the material well with the time she had. She did not just read from the slides, she made the material interesting and she applied it to real practice.”

“ The speaker was knowledgeable and provided examples and neumonics for memory retention.”

“ Reviewing all the disorders with an experienced provider”

“ Instructor was excellent and made the information come to life and provided excellent tools to help remember the content”

“ The speaker. She was very knowledgable in the content and I really liked the examples she gives of pateint interactions. That helps me with my patient care when I can relate things to specific examples.”

“ I think it was a great overview of the material needed.”

“ Faculty was knowledgeable and stories were interesting.”

“ Practice questions to test my current status of content knowledge.”

“The content is presented quickly, but thoroughly. I like that, this is information we have already learned, so going fast helps me realize what I need to focus on when I study.”

“ Focus on content. No time wasted. Good instruction and effective breakdown of materials.”

“ The upbeat attitude of the instructor.”

“ That I knew the material from studying previously”

“ The pace and the notebook with all of the necessary information.”

    • Evidence-Based Cultural Considerations

  • Post-Course Online Antibiotic Pharmacology Update

  • 20.5 contact hours of continuing education (which includes 8.25 hours of pharmacology)

  • Online Streaming Course Guarantee!
    • We guarantee that attendees will pass their initial certification exam as long as the exam is taken no less than 3 weeks and no more than 3 months, following taking a Barkley & Associates’ Online Streaming Course or graduation (whichever comes last).


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How do the Online Streaming Course and Home Study Compare?
  Online Streaming Course Home Study
A 100-item Pre-Course Diagnostic Readiness Test (DRT)  X  
Most up-to-date 2-Day Course featuring Voice Over PowerPoint Presentation Lectures X  
Dynamic Practice Questions dispersed throughout the lectures  X  
Our latest comprehensive 2020 Course Manual (over 250 pages)  X  X
Post-Course Online Streaming Video (OSV)  X  X
Post-Course Online Antibiotic Pharmacology Update  X
Research and Evidence-based Practice  X  X
Practice Issues; Ethical and Legal Principles  X  X
Contact Hours of Continuing Education (which includes hours of Pharmacology)
 X  X
Prepares for the ANCC Certification Exam
 X  X
Streaming Course Guarantee
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Standard Price $50
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