Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Enhance your skills in emergency practice with the numerous products we have specifically designed for you!

Emergency NP
Diagnostic Readiness Tests

Are you ready to practice your knowledge and simulate the certification exam experience?

Our Diagnostic Readiness Tests are timed, 100-question online exams complete with detailed rationales and illustrative graphs, that will help you pinpoint areas of strengths and weakness and remediate accordingly.

Featuring our extensive rationales, we ensure that students not only know the correct answer, but also understand why the other options are not correct - unlike any other company!

Extensive rationales

of incorrect answers, paramount to ensuring that students understand why the other options are not correct – unlike any other company!

45-minute review session

immediately following the exam

Comprehensive score reports

help identify areas of weakness for remediation

Online CE Offerings

With over 100 unique, online CE offerings across seven specialties, our CE Store is an easy way to obtain contact hours of pharmacology credit.

Whether you need to meet your recertification needs or update your knowledge with the latest practice guidelines and trends, our online CE courses have got you covered!

Voiceover PowerPoint Videos

and slideshows specially tailored to meet the continuing education needs for your NP practice

PowerPoint handouts

available for easy download

Fast forward/rewind capability

Emergency NP
Home Study Package

Our Home Study package is the perfect study tool for those who want to learn the content at their own pace!

It includes our most updated comprehensive course manual, designed by nationally recognized faculty, which will guide you every step of the way through lecture after lecture.

Our Latest Extensive Course Manual

approximately 200 pages!

Audio Recordings

2 days of content

21 contact hours of continuing education

which includes 8.5 hours of pharmacology, and 3 hours of emergency care procedural skills

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