Top Drugs in Women's Health

In this update, current issues in Women’s Health are discussed, including hormone therapy in the menopausal and perimenopausal client, and the use of these drugs in contraception.  The safe use of drugs in the pregnant client are considered, as are advances in tocolytic agents.  Drugs with specific interest to female patients, including those for overactive bladder and osteoporosis are discussed with respect to prescribing issues and side effects.  Treatment of STDs and use of antibiotics in both the pregnant and non-pregnant patient are considered.  Thyroid conditions and their treatment are also discussed.

Included in this talk is information on:

  • The newest indications and uses of estrogen and progesterone therapies in the perimenopausal  and menopausal client.
  • The benefits and risks of hormone therapies as contraceptive agents
  • The process of osteoporosis and the role of the bisphosphonate drugs in treating this disorder.
  • The effects of hypo- and hyperthyroidism in the female client and how to treat these disorders.