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University: 12-Lead EKG: From Start to Competent in 3 Hours!

12-Lead EKGS


Please note: Audio CDs are currently in production and will be shipped in late January 2022.
To ensure timely audio access, you will receive complimentary Audio Streaming of the content until you receive the Audio CDs.

Regardless of one’s background in 12 Lead ECG interpretation, this presentation targets all NPs to increase confidence and proficiency in clinical practice. This session begins by reviewing the foundational principles of 12 Lead ECGs and then builds on these to guide the participant in expanding their expertise for identifying a variety of 12 Lead ECG patterns including inferior, septal, anterior, lateral and posterior infarctions.

Right ventricular infarction patterns will also be discussed in terms of their importance and association with inferior and posterior infarctions. In addition, criteria for identifying reciprocal changes, left and right ventricular hypertrophy, strain, and left and right bundle branch blocks will be presented, as well as important implications.

Examples of each of these 12 Lead ECG findings will be presented to reinforce the content covered. In the end, the participant should feel certain that they’ve gone from “I’m never quite sure” to “I’ve got it!”

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