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Misty M. Richmond

Misty M. Richmond is an Associate Professor at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas in the College of Nursing. She served as director of the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program at Wright State University for nearly five years and is currently developing a Psychiatric NP program at Texas Woman’s University. She completed her MSN and her PhD in research at the University of Cincinnati where she also taught as an adjunct faculty member. Dr. Richmond has decades of experience in nursing, with almost all of it in the area of mental health.

Her dissertation was an instrument development focusing on the concept of existential authenticity. She continues research in the area of psychiatric nursing, collaborating with other mental health professionals, and continues her work on further development of this instrument. These projects reflect her interest in the factors that impact mental health, including social psychology and intra- and inter-personal issues. These topics cover such areas as social determinants of mental health, factors impacting teaching ethics to nursing students, and the evaluation of research on the topic of mental health interventions.

Dr. Richmond is a Jonas III Nurse Leader Alumna and is active in multiple professional organizations, both in nursing and in psychology. Her primary focus in these organizations is promoting ethical mental health treatment and scope of practice issues in nursing, with the goal of full practice authority for APRNs across America.

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