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ECMO in the Critically Ill Adult:
Staying on Top of What, When, How, and Why

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy (ECMO) is a rescue strategy to support patients in severe acute respiratory or cardiac failure who don’t respond to traditional methods of treatment. Indications for ECMO continue to expand for both respiratory and cardiac failure.

This session will present an overview of ECMO support (WHAT) and indications for ECMO, helping to define appropriate patients for selection and triage for early ECMO cannulation (WHEN). We will review how ECMO works in both cardiac and respiratory failure, including cannulation strategies for each etiology of failure (HOW). Some technical aspects of ECMO support are necessarily included to serve as a basis for assessing adequacy of support, management of routine care, and identification of and response to emergencies (WHY). Presentation of several patient case scenarios will prompt application of the information, focusing on both identification and management of common and emergency situations (e.g., cannulation issues, oxygenation problems, hemodynamics, weaning, and urgent responses).