How do the Diagnostic Readiness Tests (DRTs) work?

   We recommend that students take their DRT on campus, proctored by faculty, to mimic the focused environment similar to the national certification exam. However, we can also set up the DRT exam to be taken at home at a specific date and time convenient to all.
1. Select your DRT specialty: FNP, AGPCNP, PPCNP, AGACNP, PMHNP, and WHNP.
2. Call Barkley & Associates (1.866.938.5557) to speak with a DRT representative.
3. We will coordinate an examination date and time at your request.
4. Faculty will provide the following via email:
      •    NP Specialty (FNP, PNP, AGPCNP, AGACNP, PMHNP, and WHNP)
      •    Each student’s name
      •    Each student’s email address (Email addresses are strictly confidential and will only be used to send log-in information.
      •    Your preferred date and time for the exam.
      •    On campus or remotely? Classroom or at home?
5. Students receive an email confirmation from a dedicated customer representative which include:
      •    Log-in information.
      •    Link to access exam
6. Faculty receive an email confirmation from a dedicated representative which includes:
      •    Log-in information to access their faculty report
      •    Each students log-in information
7. Students take the 100-question DRT in an allotted 100 minutes.
8. Upon completing the DRT, students click, “submit”.
9. Immediately following the exam, a 45-minute feedback session is offered, complete with all incorrect answers, detailed rationales and overall score for students to review.
10. Students may print their score report with overall score and performance in each specific content area.
11. Faculty receives a comprehensive analysis detailed by:
      •    Subject area
      •    Domain of knowledge
      •    Individual student performance
      •    Aggregate class data
      •    Illustrative graphs of both individual student and class results