Clinical Aspects of Drugs of Abuse Across the Lifespan

The profile of drug abuse in the United States is ever-changing.  In this presentation, the participant will learn about the latest trends in drugs of abuse including illicit drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs and designer drugs.  Both stimulant and sedative drugs are addressed with respect to effects on the body, outcomes of long-and short-term abuse, geographic trends, and differences across the lifespan.  Interventions, treatment and management of the patient who abuses drugs are discussed per agent.  Drug testing and detection methods are examined, along with common methods for adulterating drugs tests.

Included in this talk is information on:

  • Trends, symptomatology and treatment of stimulant drugs of abuse including cocaine and crack, methamphetamine, bath salts and Ecstasy
  • Trends, symptomatology and management of depressant drugs of abuse including marijuana, Spice, GHB, alcohol and inhalants
  • The problem of prescription drug abuse, including trends, most problematic drugs, management of patients who become addicted to these agents
  • Basics of drug testing including knowledge of persistence of drugs in the system, the immunoassay, GC-MS, and checking for adulterants of a drug test