New Drug Update

A wide array of new drugs have been developed and marketed recently, which provide advanced practice nurses with additional treatment options to cater more specifically to a patient’s individualized needs. Many new drugs have been developed for cancers, respiratory diseases, genitourinary disorders, weight loss, and many more. To help the participant stay up to date on the newest medications, this presentation discusses over 50 new drugs on the market with respect to safe use, safe prescribing, and Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategies.

Other topics discussed in this presentation include:

  • The process of how drugs are put on the market and why some drugs are developed more rapidly than others
  • New drugs that are marketed for a wide array of conditions, including cystic fibrosis, overactive bladder, infectious diseases, leukemia, and many more
  • Awareness of the risks and dangers of newly-marketed drugs and how the Controlled Substances Act and other laws regulate new drugs

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